Doug Barrowman and The Barrowman Foundation are prominent supporters of The Prince’s Trust. The charity was founded in 1976 by HRH the Prince of Wales, and over the past 40 years The Trust has helped more than 850,000 of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people. It is built on His Royal Highness’ personal vision that every young person should have the chance to succeed, and is now the UK’s leading youth charity, with three out of every four of the young people helped by The Trust moving into education, employment or training. Further information about the great work The Trust undertakes can be found on their website.


Doug is a Platinum Patron of The Prince’s Trust, and a founding member of The President’s Circle as a major benefactor of The Prince’s Trust One Million Young Lives Campaign. This Campaign, launched in 2016 the 40th anniversary of the charity, will build the platform for future growth of The Prince’s Trust enabling more young lives to be transformed.

A small group of visionary philanthropists was convened in The Trust’s 40th Anniversary year, and their collective generosity will raise the £40m investment needed to secure, scale and shape the future of The Prince’s Trust

The Doug Barrowman Charitable Foundation is proud to support the One Million Young Lives Campaign, which will enable The Trust to make a massive step change in its reach and operation and build the foundations to help the next one million young people in the next 10 years.

The funds will be spent on expanding and enhancing The Prince’s Trust’s network of vital support Centres, investing in the digital transformation of its work, and delivering STEM skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – to young people to help them become resilient in the current and future job market.



      • Despite press coverage heralding falling levels of youth unemployment, the landscape for young people in the UK is far from promising.
      • Disadvantaged young people were among hardest hit during the financial crisis and disadvantaged young people continue to be among the most vulnerable in our society.
      • Many young people face daily struggles that can seem insurmountable, including long-term unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, leaving care, trouble with the law and exclusion from school.
      • Manchester and Liverpool have the highest rates of youth unemployment in the North West, 1 in 5 16-24 year olds. In late 2015, a report by Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion showed that Manchester has the greatest extent of high levels of deprivation in England. Delve deeper and we find that 40% of children across Manchester are living in poverty, and almost a quarter of households are claiming housing benefit.

The North West region has established centres in Salford, Bury, Burnley and Liverpool. The Trust’s vision has been to secure the best provision for the Greater Manchester area, with a new state of the art Centre, which will act as a ‘one stop shop’ for those furthest from the job market to find a fresh start.

The Barrowman Foundation is proud to have donated £2million to support the development of this new hub. The new centre, named The Prince’s Trust Doug Barrowman Centre, wasa officially opened on the 18th September 2019 and spans approximately 8,000-10,000 square feet offering co-joined facilities, merging consultation rooms, meeting rooms and training rooms, with flexible activity space and a community hub.The Centre will allow The Trust to:

      • Increase capacity, flexibility and accessibility of the core programmes, allowing The Trust to support disadvantaged young people in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.
      • Improve the quality and relevance of The Trust’s programmes with custom-designed spaces, as well as state-of-the-art digital facilities.
      • Enhance and extend The Trust’s profile as an experienced youth sector provider, opening up new opportunities and relationships with public, private and third sector partnerships.

To read more about the official opening of the new Prince’s Trust Doug Barrowman Centre please click here.

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