“My name is Amaru Dagne, I am 16 and a grade 4 student of Anaso Sego Primary School. I dropped out of Anaso Sego school in 2012 when I was in Grade 3 due to the bad school environment, lack of the basic school facilities and death of my father. Nobody wanted to learn in the old school – all the classrooms were full of dust, there was no separate toilet for girls, no drinking water, there was no library to motivate pupils.

I thought it was a waste of time to stay in this school. I was desperate to leave and decided to get married like most of the girls of my village.

One day a member of the girls club came to visit me.   She came to my home and suggested that I come back to school and continue my education. I was invited to visit the new school facilities so I could see the new learning environment. I went to the school and observed the radical change in my former school. I was so happy.

I thought a little bit and I decided to leave my husband and go back to school.

I am grateful that the Changemakers club has helped build a new school. The construction of new classrooms, separate toilets, drinking water, the library and the learning centre really excited me to come back to school.

Thanks to the supporters and the school girls club I am enrolled again and now I am trying to concentrate my attention on my education. Thanks to the Changemakers, they saved me from staying in a marriage when I was so young. Now I am enjoying my education and trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a University teacher.“


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