Changemakers deliver project with lasting legacy

The Barrowman family are very proud to have been involved in ActionAid’s Changemakers Club efforts in fighting poverty in Ethopia. Significant progress has been made to improve access to education in the Girar Jarso and Seru districts of Ethopia by opening up educational facilities and empowering girls to demand their right to education. The efforts focused on improving education facilities that were being undermined by overcrowding, poor infrastructure and a lack of resources. The situation for girls in these regions were harsh, with many losing out on education and married before becoming adults.

The Barrowman family commented, “The outstanding efforts to address the issues facing these two regions have culminated in a project that has delivered real improvements for young lives and the wider community and local economy as a whole. The region now benefits from 7 high quality primary schools that are achieving higher attendance rates and supported with better quality teaching. The project has touched the lives of the wider community and it has been reported that there has been a substantial shift in attitudes of local community members, thus overriding harmful traditional practices. As a family, we are immensely proud to have been part of this Changemaker’s Club project, which will have a tremendous impact on future generations in these regions.”

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