Tormented by bullies, Alec, 21, from Partington, was kicked and intimidated, had money stolen from him, and suffered from years of mental and physical abuse. He self-harmed, believing it was the only thing he could control.

Following the death of his mum’s partner, Alec attempted to take his own life and was moved to a psychiatric unit before being sent to a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). Life at the PRU was good, but outside it was a different story: the bullying continued and Alec became reclusive. A support service recommended Get Started with Radio, which was delivered in partnership with Reform Radio.

He had to force himself to attend, but became a valued member of the group and went on to co-write a drama and complete a 12 week digital traineeship.

Alec has just secured his SIA Door Supervisor Licence and is looking to secure work in this area whilst studying Creative Media at Salford City College. Alec is interested in both routes and has recently completed his first job as a Door Supervisor at a Reform Radio event.

“My life is unrecognisable from what it used to be. Thanks to The Prince’s Trust and Reform Radio I believe in myself and my future. I have friends I can trust, and I’m happy. Really happy.???