Every day, millions of women and girls around the world face injustice, violence, and discrimination – simply because of their gender. Trapped in a cycle of poverty, they have little or no control over their own lives and are in danger in public, at school, at work and even at home. ActionAid works with women and girls living in poverty, ensuring they are safe from harm and able to earn a living, and prioritising their rights and leadership during times of crisis.

Between 2021 and 2022 the Barrowman Foundation, through its involvement with Action Aid’s Changemakers Club, has been involved with building three schools, two primary and one kindergarten, in three communities in Ghana. The Barrowman Foundation is very proud to be part of the incredible success transforming the lives of the children in these three communities.

The ActionAid website provides further information on the great work they are undertaking.

Improving Access to quality education for children in Sagnarigu, Pusiga and Namasa communities in Ghana

This project started in November 2020, enabling 470 children, mainly girls, to access safe, good quality education. Together Action Aid and The Barrowman Foundation aimed to:


  • Construct 2 six-classroom primary schools and one kindergarten in three communities

  • Create girls’ clubs which will empower girls to claim their rights, report violence in schools and participate in school management decisions. Female teachers will also be recruited, and violence reporting boxes will be established in each school for safe reporting of abuse.

  • Encourage parent participation in school management for improved and continued school enrolment

  • Progress to date on this project includes:

  • Stakeholder commitment has been secured and this includes the contribution of land by the communities on which building will be constructed

  • 301 community members, Parent Teachers Association member and Schools Management Committee executives have participated in awareness meetings and development workshops to support the successful delivery of the project

  • Issues have been identified that will be addressed relating to improvements in girls’ education in their local areas

  • Construction of the school in Sagnarigu has recently been completed and will be ready for girls to attend in the new school year

“ActionAid Ghana are delighted to work with The Barrowman Foundation to build three new schools in Ghana. We very much appreciate the generous support to improve access to a quality education for 470 girls and generations to come. Thank you, and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”

Sumaila Abdul-Rahman, Country Director, ActionAid Ghana.


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